The Holy Trinity: The Naked Palettes by Urban Decay

The Naked palettes by urban decay are the "A-list" celebrities of the makeup world. They are widely recognized by makeup junkies across the globe as the most popular eye shadow palettes of this generation. So you can imagine every ones excitement when news broke out about the newest palette released, The Naked 3. Each palette has a distinct shade range (which is what makes them so genius). Every ones skin tone falls under a specific range. Some people have a warm under-tone to their skin which is flattered by bronze tones, others have cool tones which are complimented by other cool toned colors, and others fall into the neutral category which means they can go in either direction . So when it comes to choosing a palette, which one is the right choice for you?

Naked 1
Warm under tones are the most common under tones found in people today. The people at Urban decay are well aware of this. Which is why the naked palettes are as successful as they are. Most people fall under this category, aka most people like this palette. If you fancy wearing gold over silver, or brown over black it is likely that you have a warm undertone. In that case, of the three palettes this is the one I would recommend to you.

Naked 2
To this day (by popular opinion) the Naked 1 is still more popular than the naked 2. Again, this all goes back to the fact that the grand majority of us are warm toned. But if you feel you look better in silver jewelry and shades of blacks, greys, and blues, chances are you are of a cooler tone. If you do fall under this category than the naked 2 is the palette I recommend to you.

Naked 3
The Naked 3 is a really interesting palette in my opinion. Urban decay took rose gold( a color that is both neutral  and trendy and created a palette that can be worn by virtually anyone. There is an exception of course. there are a few skin tones out there that don't look very well in pinks but if that's you than you are already aware of that and probably aren't that interested in buying this palette anyways. But if you are interested and are looking for a neutral palette with some amazing colors than go ahead and give this palette a try!

Will the naked palettes stay a holy trinity? Or will an exciting fourth be added to the collection?! What should the next Urban Decay Palette have? Leave your comments below :)

The Balm Instain Blush in Argyle

A new type of blush has created quite the conversation amongst beauty lovers; The Balm has come out with their version of a "cheek stain" with their new Instain blushes. I picked one up to try during a Hautelook sale a few months back. I was optimistic from the start with these as I love The Balm's original blushes (see my review on The Balm Blushes) Cabana Boy, Frat Boy, Down Boy. I also saw a pretty in depth review by EmilyNoel83 talking about how long wearing these blushes were in her experience. As you can imagine, I was excited to try one  out for myself! I only bought one which is what I like to do when I am trying out a product for the first time (commitment issues) to see if the product is worth getting in every color. After trying out Argyle I am definitely hooked on these blushes. What makes this blush so unique is that its looks and feels like a powder blush but if you were to swatch it on your hand, and wait a few minutes you wont be able to wipe it off. It has a "staining" effect and staying power that you don't see in a regular blush. The color itself (Argyle) is a gorgeous universally workable pink shade, great for any skin tone. Last but certainly not least, the packaging gets a 10 for creativity. The custom 50's inspired magazine covers are adorably unique.
The next time you are on Hautelook give these blushes a try; Or if you cant wait then visit The Balm's website.

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Wear ability: 4 out of 5
Staying power: 5 out of 5
Finish: Matte. Powder-Stain

What Blush are you loving? Leave your suggestions below!